Our Mission & Vision
At Green Valley College we believe in  providing knowledge, understanding and skills essential for quality teacher educators. To Make the budding teachers understand the process of teaching learing so that education becomes fun rather than a dull process. To moake the teacher educators understand that education is more than just passive assimilation of knowledge. To make them understand that assimilation of new knowledge should be an adventure rather than a mechanical exercise. To sum up we can say that the following points define the mission  and objectives of Green Valley College.

Mission &Objectives

                                 1- To give highly qualified teachers to society

                                    2-To serve as centre of excellence

                                    3-To Prepare future teachers who will build                                                                         future citizens

                                    4-To change the mindset towords becoming


                                    5-Last but not least every teacher to be good in

                                                Information technology .